The Avenue Boutique Experience

At Avenue Boutique we believe your hairstyle should reflect your essence within

In a world where we are fast losing connection to our inner beauty and struggling to connect with our authentic selves, Avenue Boutique has recognised the need to align the two together. 

*Please note all NEW colour clients must have consultation & skin test a minimum of 48 hours before a colour appointment. We recommend choosing one of our popular consultation options. Learn more

If you feel stuck with your hair and no sure where to go, we are here to help

Finding the perfect hairstyle and stylist that expresses the essence of your inner spirit has never been easier, simply fill in our online consultation & discover how we can give you the confidence to find a look that reflects your individuality & soul.

We endeavour to solve all your hair concerns as well as create you the most beautiful and wearable style and colour you have ever had.

We promise to not only to transform your hair and make you look and feel amazing on the day of your appointment, but also work with you to teach you the skills and knowledge to keep it looking salon fresh for the whole time between your appointments, after all it’s the one thing you wear Every single day.

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Whether it is a minimal maintenance, easy to manage colour to fit in with your busy lifestyle or a high fashion power style that looks on point every single day, we have got you covered!

We would love to invite you to be a guest in our Chic, stylish and friendly salon.

Come and meet us....

New Client Cut and Finish

A 60 minute appointment that allows your stylist time to get to know you and understand your hair goals. We will as questions and offer suggestions to tailor the perfect  hair cut that will enhance your beauty and reflect your unique style.


New Client Colour Consultation

This is an opportunity to meet your stylist and discuss your hair and colour goals in depth. Your chosen stylist will perform a comprehensive consultation to discover your thoughts and help guide you to find a colour & style that reflects your true essence. Together we can transform your look to one that enhances your personality & fits in with your lifestyle.  



Cut and Consult

Save yourself precious time and combine Your hair cut with a colour consultation. Your chosen stylist will perform a comprehensive consultation to help you discover the perfect hair style for you. Your stylist can truly get to know your personality and you have the opportunity to thoroughly discuss your colour goals in depth. All whilst enjoying having your  hair cut and styled to perfection. 


What our customers say...

"Caroline and her team at Avenue Boutique are wonderful in every way! You are always made to feel welcome, greeted with smiles and kindness. They go above and beyond, listen advise and make sure you leave feeling relaxed and the best version of yourself."


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"I love coming to the salon, the girls make me feel like I don’t need to worry about my hair because they will just sort it for me! I'm too busy to be thinking about my hair I just love the fact that I can turn up and get it done properly without a second thought."


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"It was the first time anyone actually sat down and fully listened to me and understood what I wanted (and I'm not good at explaining things) Just feeling comfortable somewhere is so important, I can highly recommend."


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"Fabulous salon! Helena is very professional and friendly. The girls in the salon are always welcoming! Highly recommend."

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