Complaints Procedure

 At Avenue Boutique we aim to give you the very best service possible, in the rare event that you have a complaint we value your feedback and prefer to put things right ourselves. We really want you to be completely happy with your hair so please talk to us, so we can solve the problem. We understand it can be very stressful if you are not happy. But we would appreciate a calm and respectful approach. We aim to deal with all complaints as soon as possible and rectify any issues no later than 4 weeks since the initial appointment.

Please take note of our simple complaint’s procedure below.

Step 1

Tell us as soon as possible if you are not happy with any part of the service you have received by emailing
You can do this by phone, email, or face to face in the salon before you leave. As some of our stylists are self-employed (Shawny, Cheryl, Jenny and Ruby) you will be initially directed to the stylist who did your hair. Please note that in this case it is the responsibility of your stylist to deal with your complaint accordingly. Because of the time frame complaints made more than 2 weeks after the appointment cannot be rectified, so we prefer to hear from you sooner rather than later.

Step 2

If you do not feel comfortable speaking to your stylist, then you would need to ask to speak to the salon Director Caroline. Whilst Caroline can offer advice and support it is still the responsibility of the self-employed stylist to finalise the complaint, but we will work together to decide the best course of action. If the stylist is employed by the salon, Caroline will deal with the complaint accordingly. Remember we value your feedback, and we want to keep you as a client, so any problems please tell us so we can do what we do best and solve it.

Step 3

Do not go to another salon before we have seen your hair, we have a right to see what the service or treatment you received looks like and try to rectify it for you where possible. If you feel uncomfortable don’t worry, we will make an appointment for you to come back to the salon and discuss in private with your stylist or the salon owner.

  • If we feel the complaint is reasonable, we will rectify it completely free of charge as soon as possible and no later than 4 weeks since the initial appointment.
  • If we feel that we cannot rectify the problem than a partial or full refund may be offered if we deem your complaint to be reasonable. This is at the discretion of the stylist and or the salon owner.

Step 4

In the unlikely event you are still not happy, and the problem could not be resolved than we can refer you to an alternative dispute resolution provider.

They listen to both sides and help us work towards a fair and reasonable compromise.

It is not legally binding unless both parties agree on the outcome, but it is cheaper and less stressful than taking legal action.

Please note there is a charge of £12 for the client and £30 for the salon paid directly to the mediators.
Hair and beauty mediation can be contacted by:
Phone: 01234 831965
You can contact the salon on 01274 562110 or email