colour care sheet

Welcome to Avenue Boutique's Colour Care Guide, designed to help you maintain your hair colour at home. we are committed to keeping your hair in optimal condition throughout your colour journey with us. 

Types of Colour: 

  • Permanent: This permanently changes your natural hair colour chemistry and covers 100% grey. It cannot be lightened without bleach. 
  • Semi-permanent: While it doesn't alter your natural colour, it fades gradually and blends up to 50% grey. 


  • Its Oxygen that accelerates hair colour fading through oxidation, this accelerates when exposed to heat or sun. Our hair care products contain antioxidants to slow this process, crucial for maintaining vibrant colour. 

Optimal Results: 

  • We recommend a treatment with every colour service to protect and nourish your hair. Treatments selected by your stylist seal the cuticle, restore moisture, and enhance colour retention. 
  • If lightening your hair, we advise using a bond builder like Olaplex or rebond to prevent damage and maintain hair integrity. 

Home Care Tips: 

  • Our salon ensures your initial colour results are outstanding, but consistent home care is vital for maintaining colour longevity and hair health. 
  • Use high-quality hair care products to keep the cuticle smooth and enhance colour retention with antioxidants. 
  • Weekly treatments with protein or moisture are recommended, especially if using heat styling tools. 
  • For fragile or damaged hair, consider using a bond builder to strengthen hair structure and prolong colour vibrancy. 
  • Always use heat protection products to shield your hair from heat damage, preserving colour brilliance. 

Building a consistent hair care routine will optimize your colour results and maintain hair health between salon visits.  

Remember, caring for your hair is an investment that extends beyond the salon.