Balayage your hair, nourish your soul and transform your life.

At Avenue Boutique create seamless and beautifully blended balayage daily, whether its high contrast colours or subtle natural enhancements our goal is to find you the perfect look that reflects the essence of your soul.

Balayage is perfect for clients who want a stunning yet low maintenance result which can be customised to suit their unique personality & style. Our team are here to guide you & getting the right advice has never been easier. Simply fill in our easy online consultation form below, Our team is waiting to start you on your journey to finding a look that reflects your true authentic style.


why avenue boutique?

At Avenue Boutique we have redefined the essence of hair care by intertwining it with spiritual enrichment and relaxation. In a world where we are fast losing connection to our inner self and struggling to prioritise self care, we have acknowledged the need for an option to combine the whole package in one appointment.

We proudly present a unique and personalised experience that not only delivers transformational hair services but nurtures your soul & resets your energy. Our soul nurturing experience is designed to harmonise your external appearance with your inner essence aligning you to re-connect with your soul & prioritise self care inside & out.

With each option you're not just selecting a hair service; you're choosing a path to rejuvenation and clarity. Elevate your Self care and take your relaxation to the next level. nourish your hair whilst nurturing your soul and bring it all together in one simple appointment that will leave you feeling connected, calmer and more rested.


All packages include a cut & finish and bespoke strengthening and protecting treatments tailored to your specific needs, that will ensure the integrity of your hair and the longevity of your colour.



Indulge in a transformative journey with our specialised balayage service, designed for clients seeking a complete hair overhaul. No strand will be overlooked as our skilled stylists curate a customised look aligned with your unique hair aspirations.

Using a personalised colour palette that complements both your individuality and desired finish, our stylists will apply precision to introduce lightness exactly where you envision it. And they will seamlessly unite the overall look through our colour melting technique, resulting in a flawlessly perfected finish.

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half moon balayage

Indulge in the simplicity of our half head Balayage, for clients seeking a more natural and subtle transformation that still wows and delivers impact. Our skilled stylists will weave enhanced, lighter reflects seamlessly integrated through your hair, resulting in a stunning yet understated outcome. This technique is a versatile look, suitable for all hair colours, promising a refined yet captivating finish and a perfect introduction to balayage.

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Experience a striking transformation with our contrasting balayage technique, perfect for clients who crave bolder results and more definition. Your skilled stylist will focus on the main focal points of your hair crafting a captivating face frame and incorporating pops of lightness & colour through the tips resulting in a sophisticated, high-fashion appearance that demands attention. Utilising our expert colour melting technique, we achieve a flawless blend from root to tip, ensuring a seamless transition without compromising impact.

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dark moon balayage

This technique is exclusively for blonde clients seeking to reverse their highlighted appearance and embrace the depth and dimension of balayage. Employing our distinctive dimension drop technique, our skilled stylists intricately weave in lowlights to your hair to create interest and depth, fashioning a seamlessly blended, melted root effect that elevates your hair to a contemporary and easily maintainable look. Say goodbye to the frequent salon visits whilst still retaining your gorgeous blond locks.

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moonlight balayage refresh

Whilst our celestial packages provide you with long lasting results that can last 6 –12 months it is not necessarily needed every appointment, to keep your locks looking luminous we recommend a moonlight refresh every 2 months which will include coverage of roots and a tone through the ends that will re-ignite the colour and give you lustrous locks that glisten like the moonlight.

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The Experience

Soul Nurturing & Energy Re-set

Included in your package is the ultimate soul nurturing experience that will take your self care to the next level, in a world where we are fast losing connection to our inner self and struggling to prioritise self care Avenue Boutique have recognised the need to harmonise our external beauty with our inner soul curating a bespoke experience for our clients that recognise the need to regularly re-set & recharge in our wild and wonderful world.

crystal choice

Choose from 4 options:


With each option you're not just selecting a hair service; you're choosing a path to rejuvenation and clarity. Elevate your Self care and take your relaxation to the next level. nourish your hair whilst nurturing your soul and bring it all together in one simple appointment that will leave you feeling connected, calmer and more rested.

your salon experience

  1.  Consultation: The first step of your experience involves a consultation with your stylist who’s focus is to understand your hair goals so we can allign your hair with your unique personality. 
  2. Intention Setting: Once we have a hair plan we start by setting your intentions and choosing the bespoke experience that resonates with your soul's aspirations. Choosing from our 4 options focusing on your unique needs. 
  3. Cleanse: Using the Fragrant sticks of paulo santo we will perform an enegry cleanse to remove any unwanted negative energy & vibes that may hinder your relaxation. 
  4. Colour Service: Your stylist will apply your colour using our expert techniques to deliver you the bespoke service needed to achieve your hair goals. 
  5. Scents & Relaxation: Receive a full sensory experience with carefully selected aromatherapy enhancing your relaxation and aligning with your chosen intention. 
  6. Crystals: Embrace the healing energies of the crystal we selected to resonate with your spiritual goals, augmenting your journey to well-being, hold this in your hand or rest it on the table infront of you whilst we work on your hair. 
  7. Sound: For a complete relaxing experience you will be given a set of head phones and an option to shut out the hustle and bustle and really switch off from the world. Choose from relaxing music, affirmations or spiritual meditation that are alligned to your intention. 
  8. Massage: When it is time to rinse your colour your stylist will take you over to our backwash area and you’ll be given a weighted eye pillow to allow you the ability to shut off from the world...enjoy an energising hair wash followed by a luxury bespoke indian head massage to remove tension from the scalp and leave you feeling relaxed and energised.
  9. Cut & finish Your skilled stylist will cut and style your hair, aswell as giving you bespoke knowledge and information on how to maintain your look at home using the correct haircare and products.

To take home

Continue your experience beyond the salon with your take-home package which includes a guide to performing  soul nourishing ritual once a week to continue your journey to re-connecting with your soul and harmonising with your inner beauty.  You will be given access to our bespoke energy re-set meditation.

Your take-home package will contain:

  • A paulo santo cleansing stick to cleanse away negative energy and re-set your aura and your home with renewed energy plus a full demonstration and instructions how to use it. 
  • An ethically sourced raw crystal unique to the experience you choose and full instructions on how to work with this crystal. 
  • An aromatherapy scented candle which will enable you to continue the experience at home. 
  • A luxury handmade bath salt blend to take home and add to your bath to enhance yourself care ritual. 
  • A hematite bracelet that will help to keep you grounded and connected. 
  • A conditioning hair mask tailored to your hair type to take home. 


Introduce this powerful ritual into your life and make positive changes

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